Minister Rasic Visits Special Institute in Shtime

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Nenad Rasic visited Special Institut in Shtime, closely to see the conditions offered here to the residents. The conditions of these people here were very good and with the high level services, where the Minister Rasic encouraged the workers of this Institute to have patience, because we all know that is not easy to care for these heavy category, minister also said that we have a moral obligation not only institutional, but also human obligation to care for that category. Against last report that is issued by the NGO ” Institute for Sustainability and Youth Development ” , report that the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare considers no argumentativ and is not related to the actual situation that exists in the Special Institute in Shtime . Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has invited all media to see closely the real situation in which these people live . Therefore the ISDY report does not correspond with reality and is unacceptable for MLSW.