Swiss Federal Councilor Mr. Berst meet today Minister of Labour and Social Welfare of Kosovo, Mr. Nenad Rasic

Federal Councilor Mr. Alain Berst, head of the federal Department of Interior, met this Monday in Berne Minister for Labour and Social Welfare Kosovo, Mr. Nenad Rasic. The meeting enabled the assessment of the conditions which must be met for the elaboration of a convention on social security between Switzerland and Kosovo, specifically identifying the preconditions for the beginning of negotiations between the two countries.

As known from April 1, 2010, following a decision of the Federal Council, Switzerland does not apply to social security convention Kosovo reached earlier with the former Yugoslavia. Federal Court confirmed this decision in June 2013.
This meeting discussed the conditions which must be met in order to examine the Federal Council a mandate for negotiations on the conclusion of an order new convention for social insurance. Also, discussed the state of the Kosovo’s against social security, as a citizen of a country with which Switzerland has no convention.

A number of structural conditions, administrative and legal must be met in order that the Swiss Federal Council and Parliament to adopt such a convention.