Pension Schemes Division

1. Tasks and responsibiloities of the Pension Schemes Division:

1.1. Managing and administration of all pension schemes in accordance with legal and sub-legal acts;

1.2. implementation of legal framework on realizing the rights of pensioners from pension schemes;

1.3. Coordinates Pension Offices activities;

1.4. Maintains the database of pension schemes’ beneficiaries;

1.5. Manages and maintains records of payments of pension schemes, accordingly with applicable legislation;

1.6. Establishes bank accounts for pension schemes’ beneficiaries;

1.7. Ensures implementation of agreements and contracts with commercial banks or other micro-finance institutions on processing pension payments;

1.8. Proposes, develops and ensures implementation of administrative procedures for applying for, and realizing the right to pension;

2. Head of the Pension Scheme Divisions reports to the Head of Pension Department.

3. Number of Pension Scheme Division staff is nineteen (19).