Division of Pensions from Abroad

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Division of Pensions from Abroad include:

1.1. Ensures implementation of policies for realizing the right ot pensions from abroad;

1.2. Ensures implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements in the area of social security, in which the signatory is Republic of Kosovo;

1.3. Ensures implementation of relevant international legislation on pensions linked to employment abroad;

1.4. Provides information on application procedures;

1.5. Ensures implementation of standars for inclusion of pensions from abroad into pension schemes;

1.6. Proposes, develops and ensures implementation of procedures for pensions from abroad, according to bilateral and multilateral agreements on social security;

1.7. Develops regular periodic analysis and reports in the area of pensions from abroad;

1.8. Prepares information and ensures required forms for realizing of requests for all typs of pensions for Kosovo citizens who have worked abroad, in accordance with applicable agreements;

1.9. Verifies and completes the work pension experience for insured Kosovo citizens who have worked aborad;

2. Head of the Division for Pensions from Abroad reports to the Head of Pension Department.

3. Number of staff of this Division is twelve (12).