Medical Commissions Division

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Medical Commissions Division:

1.1 Managing and administration of work of all medical commissions with the aim of reviewing all requests coming from pension schemes and other MLSW-managed benefits applicants;

1.2 Establishing and implementation of legal and medical procedures in accordance with applicable legal dispositions;

1.3 Review and addressing of requests for recognition of applicants’ rights to pension and social schemes;

1.4 Regulating and setting the procedures for engagement of physicians in medical commissions according to requests of relevant MLSW Departments;

1.5. Proposes and determines the composition of professional medical commissions and sets the time schedule for medical commissions’ sessions;

1.6. Cooperation and communication with relevant MLSW Departments on enhancement and legitimacy of medical commissions’ work;

1.7. Completion and review of medical records for all pension and social schemes’ users, managed and administered by MLSW;

1.8. Proper and full implementation of strategies and policies regarding medical treatments set by law;

1.9. Carrying out other tasks and responsibilities set by other sub-legal acts approved by the MLSW;

1.10. Implementation and application of health rules and standards set by health legislation;

2. Head of the Medical Commissions Division reports to the Head of Pension Department.

3. Number of Medical Commissions Division staff is ten (10).