Skender REÇICA
Ministër i Punës dhe Mirëqenies Sociale

Skender REÇICA

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare

Mr. Reçica was born in September 1974 in Pristina. He has completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Philology in German Language and Literature as well as postgraduate studies in International Relations and Diplomacy.
Mr. Skender Reçica was nominated Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in September 2017
Mr. Reçica has over 16 years of working experience in various fields such as International Relations, Protocol, Public Administration and Political Functions. His experience includes:

• Advisor for the Protocol and International Relations of the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosova, Mr. Jakup Krasniqi, in the period time 2008 – 2014.

• In the local elections of the year 2009, Mr. Reçica is elected a member in the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina

• In the mandate of the Kosova delegation for negotiations, within the Unity Team, Mr. Reçica was coordinator for the logistics.

• In the period time 2005-2007, Mr. Reçica was an expert for the development and organization of the administration within the European Commission in support of the Ministry of Local Government Administration.

• In the mandate of the Government of the Republic of Kosova in the period time 2002-2004, Mr. Reçica was the Head of the Division of General Administration in the Ministry of Public Services.

• In the period time 2000-2002, Mr. Reçica was an Administrative Officer at the Department of Public Services, within the United Nations Mission in Kosova – UNMIK

• Mr. Reçica from the year 2015 is a member of the headship and Secretary for the Foreign Relations of the NISMA Party for Kosova.
Mr. Skender Reçica is married and has two children.