Division for the Review of Claims and Complaints

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Division include:

1.1. Legal review of all claims and complaints of natural and legal persons, against MLSW Grade one decisions, according to legal timeframes set by applicable legislation;

1.2. Review and issuing of individual and collective administrative acts, for all administrative complaints, whether in the shape of requests for reviewing or complaints, related to realization of the rights on pension, social or benefits schemes, set by the MLSW legal and sub-legal acts.

1.3. review and immediate notification of the claimants, that the complaints has been received and that administrative proceeding of the complaints is initiated;

1.4. Registration of all claims and complaints in a special book;

1.5. Development and preparation of weekly, periodic and annual reports regarding the work and activities of the Division for Review of Claims and Complaints;

1.6. Managing and administration of the work of all Grade Two commissions, established based on applicable laws of the Ministry and in accordance with the dispositions of the Law on Administrative Procedure;

1.7. Carrying out of all administrative, legal, operational and other organizational tasks for all Grade Two commissions working under MLSW;

1.8. Reaching conclusions on issues related to the process and which emerge as secondary in administrative proceedings;

1.9. Implementation and setting of procedures for establishing of,and work of complaints review commissions;

1.10. Review and evaluation of all claims and complaints of citizens and certain groups of interest addressed to MLSW.

2. Head of the Division for the Review of Claims and Complaints reports to the Head of Legal Department.

3. Number of staff of this Division is seven (7).