Vocational Training Division

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Vocational Training Division include:

1.1. Proposes, develops and ensures implementation of vocational training policies/strategies for unemployed and re-training of other individuals
interested in preparation for the labour market;

1.2. Monitoring and coordination of Vocational Training Centres;

1.3. Provides support for planning of Vocational Training Centres’ budgetary requirements;

1.4. Cooperates with relevant stakeholders in vocational training-related projects;

1.5. Proposes, develops and ensures implementation of the vocational training legislation;

1.6. Monitors the flow of vocational training programmes and provides support, when required;

1.7. Makes proposals for occupations required in the labour market;

1.8. Develops regular periodic reports in the field of vocational training;

2. Head of Vocational Training Division reports to the Head of Labour and Employment Department;

3. Number of Vocational Training Division staff is five (5).