Department of Finance and General Services

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Department for Finance and General Services are:

1.1. Manages and maintains information on MLSW human resources, assists the management in internal organization, provides administrative, logistic and IT services assistance;

1.2. Ensures implementation of qualified staff selection and recruitment procedures, in accordance with applicable legislation;

1.3.Coordinates the development, implementation, reporting and evaluation of the MLSW budget;

1.4.Coordinates timely implementation of MLSW financial liabilities;

1.5.Maintains IT equipment and provides IT services;

1.6.Manages the MLSW archive system and internal documents;

1.7. Provides logistic services for MLSW.

2. Head of Department of Finance and General Services reports to the General Secretary.

3. The Department is composed of following Divisions:

3.1. Human Resources Division;

3.2. Budget and Finance Division;

3.3. IT and Logistic Services Division.

2.Number of the Department of Finance and General Services staff is fourty (40).