Following the publication of the article in the daily newspaper ” Zeri ” , on 10.12.2013 and a day later in the dailies ” Koha Ditore ” and ” Lajmi ” , but also in several online portals, where it comes to the NGO report ” Institute for Sustainability and Development of Youth ” ISDY , titled ” Behind closed doors in Shtime “, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare considers that this report is without arguing and have nothing to do with the real situation that exists in the Special Institute in Shtime, housed clients with mental retardation light.

The public should know that there Special Institute of Shtime, headed by MLSW and the Center for Integration and Rehabilitation of the chronically ill and the Psychiatric center which is managed by the Ministry of Health.

ISDY team has stayed only one day in Special Institute Shtimje from 10:00 to 13:00 and it’s surprising how ISDY has just three hours to come to the conclusion monitoring that treating customers is “a form of inhuman and degrading treatment “.
Special Institute Shtimje continuously monitored by various organizations dealing with the issue of human rights as CDHRF, etc. Victims and almost all the recommendations and suggestions that have come from these organizations, the management of HII has implemented consistently made ​​time and effort to improve living conditions in this institute.
Also all the ISI’s clients are under constant medical care and take medication regularly assigned to.

Are unstable ISDY’s findings when it said that “there is no room … and people spend the day wandering the grounds “because there are three halls of ISI to develop daily activities for residents where the free activities such as painting, weaving in upholstery, wood carvings and sculpture through the other activities.
Also inconsistent are findings of this NGO to physical and sexual abuse of residents, at least in terms of the HII.
This report’s ISDY not correspond to reality and is unacceptable for MLSW.