The CES discusses the minimum wage and collective contract

The next meeting of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) was held during which the decisions of the Professional Commissions of ESC were made with the new names proposed by the partners.
In addition, the point of discussion was the Project Instruction on Amending and Supplementing the Administrative Instruction No. 09/2013 on the criteria and procedures for determining the minimum wage in Kosovo.
Professional Examination for Economy, Finance and Privatization was commissioned to start work on the proposal for the minimum wage amount according to the criteria set out in the instruction.
This proposal, after review by the ESC, will be submitted to the Government for approval.
With the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, at the same time chairing the ESC for this year, it was decided that the Trilateral Legislation Committee should be engaged immediately after the end of the year to start working on the drafting of the new collective agreement.