Vocational training, cooperation opportunity between Kosovo and Turkey

Today, on his visit to Turkey, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, met the Prefect of the City of Bursa, Izettin Küçük and the Mayor of Bursa, Alinur Aktash. The minister was welcomed by the senior officials of this city, which is known as  one of the most developed city in the field of industry in the Republic of Turkey.
In order to know more regarding vocational training, Minister Reçica visited today the BUTGEM Vocational Training Center. This center includes a large number of vocational training profiles and also a diversity of age groups that are provided with these skills. This center trains the youth from some countries in the region in various professions, refreshing their vocational training curricula with the jobs required by the labor market.
Minister Reçica, giving the highest level of praise to the achievements of the city of Bursa in business support and the Vocational Education Center, seeked for cooperation opportunities, such as sending young people to be trained in this center and looking at similar investment opportunities  in Kosovo. He stressed that the Government of Kosovo  is already taking concrete steps to create favorable conditions for foreign investors.
In the joint meetings, Minister Reçica  was promised that in the near future there may be investments in this field. The interlocutors agreed to further build bridges of communication and co-operation, so that they can “crown” these meetings with concrete actions.