Deputy Minister Makolli: Soon the opening of the Brail workshop at the Vocational Training Center in Gjakova

Prishtina, 17 October 2018

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Vesel Makolli together with the Head of Employment Agency Drin Haraçia participated in the advocacy workshop with relevant stakeholders to address the lack of implementation of the second objective of the National Strategy related to the employment of persons with limited disabilities. During this workshop was discussed the level of implementation of this employment strategy for people with disabilities, in which case it was stressed that in public institutions as well as in private ones there is discrimination in employment and lack of implementation of laws in force.

Deputy Minister Makolli during the meeting stressed that for the categories of persons with disabilities, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare provides continuous support through social schemes and services. Mr. Makolli also informed the participants that next year, in cooperation with various donors, will open a workshop for Brail at the Vocational Training Center in the city of Gjakova.

Regarding the subl legal acts, Mr. Makolli mentioned that this year MLSW has prepared several sub-legal acts which will strengthen the position of persons with disabilities and potential employers.

“MLSW this year has prepared these sub legal acts: Regulation on Tax and Customs Facilitation for Employers Employing Persons with Disabilities, Administrative Instruction for Employers Not Employing Disabled Persons, Administrative Instruction on Remuneration for Work Ability as and the Administrative Instruction for the Medico-Social Commission for assessing the remaining work ability, “said Makolli among others.

Chief of Employment Agency Drin Haracia mentioned that Employment Agency throughout the Republic of Kosova has mediated 3 people with disabilities and numerous training courses are foreseen for this category. He also said that it is also necessary to reform training and adapt them to employment needs.

Among the shortcomings discussed at the workshop were also the lack with a database regarding the statistics on the employment of persons with disabilities in public and private institutions.

This workshop was organized by the Kosovar Disability Forum with the participation of organizations dealing with the issue and treatment of persons with disabilities.