Social security agreements are ratified with Switzerland and Belgium

The deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosova today voted to ratify two agreements on social insurance, that with Swiss Confederation and the Kingdom of Belgium, which enables very quickly our citizens that worked in these countries to enjoy pension contributions, basic retirement pensions, family and work disabilities pension.

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, before the deputies said that these agreements are vital and directly affect the citizens of the Republic of Kosova and that their signing was eagerly received by our citizens who have poured their sweat to contribute not only for their families, but also for the economy of the Republic of Kosova.

Both agreements were signed this year by Minister Reçica and representatives of respective states.

“During the period since I was mandated as Minister of MLSW, the issue of social security agreements I have put in the top priorities of the Ministry, especially the agreement with Switzerland knowing that since 2010 one such was terminated and our citizens have not able to realize their rights, “emphasised minister Reçica.

After the ratification of these agreements by the deputies, Minister Reçica congratulated citizens who would benefit from these important agreements.

Agreements ratified today also allow Kosovar citizens who have worked in Switzerland or Belgium after retirement age,  to have the right to receive this pension in Republic of Kosova and also will be granted the right to joining the periods of contributions in order to realize the pension, when it is not possible to meet the legal requirements for retirement either in Republic of Kosova, Swiss Confederation or Kingdom of Belgium.