Mr. Reçica for German media “Facilitate bureaucratic procedures for Kosovars”

One of the most prestigious newspapers in Germany, ‘Süddetusche Zeitun’, and other German media paid attention to the visit of the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, to the Land of Baden Württemberg, Germany.

They emphasized the importance of dual professional vocational education for job migration, which Minister Reçica has consistently assessed as very important in the meetings he had during his visit.

“The joint projects between Kosovo with Diakonie and different German employers are facing difficulties, starting with obtaining visas and recognition of diplomas from Kosovo, a procedure that lasts up to 14 months,” the minister said.

Reçica, on this occasion, appealed to Berlin: “Facilitate the bureaucratic procedures between our two countries”, emphasizing the importance of providing opportunities for our citizens, just like those of Europe.