Deputy / Minister of MLSW Mr. Qazim Rrahmani hosted a working meeting of representatives of the World Bank for social and immigration issues

At the request of the European Union on the issue of immigration and the development of social life in Kosovo, a group of experts from the World Bank come from Washington of the United States are visiting Kosovo today, where they met with Deputy / Minister of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Qazim Rrahmani which discussed the issue of immigration to this part of the Western Balkans.
First the Deputy / Minister of MLSW Mr. Rrahmani thanked the representatives of the World Bank for the strong support they have provided to date in the development of Kosovo, especially in generating employment in particular emphasized the importance of projects that the World Bank has provided for years.
Representatives of the World Bank for social issues and immigration during the meeting said they would be in Kosovo approximately 6 months to collect the necessary information regarding immigrants coming from Syria and Africa but also immigration in general and making a research report on this issues.
Meanwhile, Deputy / Minister of MLSW Mr. Rrahmani informed the participants about the overall social situation and migration in Kosovo and promised them intensified co-operation during this period to achieve as sucesffull the information on this issue citing so cooperation should be taken by the Ministry of Interior, UNHCR and ARC can help by providing accurate information about the wave of emigration. He also spoke about the position of RAE – Roma, Ashkanlinj and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, where he said that the position of this community is equal with other communities in terms of respecting the rights universal but also said that their social situation is not level where desired as vital problem presented housing and employment, issues which continue to be the main problems for these communities.
During the meeting the parties agreed that in the coming days will visit municipalities with majority of RAE, as Lipjan, Ferizaj, Gjakova and Mitrovica closer to see their general state of the social.