Targeting the employment of 1000 jobseekers with the opening of the “Fair of Work -2018” in the Municipality of Gjilan

Today has been continued the holding of the “Work Fair 2018” in the Municipality of Gjilan, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the support of the Municipality of Gjilan.

This fair aims for practical work with opportunities for continuation and the possibility of opening vacancies for the unemployed by coordinating the meetings among the businesses and jobseekers.

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Vesel Makolli, who participated in this event, emphasised that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare continuously supported jobseekers and businesses,  as in  subsidies on salaries, work practices, job training, self-employment, etc.

Mr. Makolli among others added that today’s fair in Gjilan has a special importance as there are participating more than 38 companies that are offering about 1,000 vacancies for work and internships in the Region of Gjilan.

“The fair  we are gathering today has a great importance because there are over 38 companies that are participating and offering  about 1000 vacancies and internships in the Municipality of Gjilan, where the greatest opportunities for employment are offered mainly by sector companies services of different nature ” emphasised Mr. Makolli.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Gjilan z. Lutfi Haziri, who participated in the opening of this fair, said that this fair is a good opportunity to look for work, where according to him in the Municipality of Gjilan in the sector that is mostly required is the construction employment.

Mr. Haziri addressed the participants that they should not have targetit the public sector employment  as according to him the future of development in Republic of Kosova is in the private sector.

“There is no future in the public sector, the future is in the private sector, it just needs more respect for the Labor Law,” added Mr. Haziri.

Mr. Klaus Bader -Labarre, Program Manager YES -GIZ expressed his satisfaction with the participation of so many young people in these fairs hoping that the success of this fair will result in the concrete opening of vacancies for the unemployed.

At the end Deputy Minister Makolli emphasized that MLSW in cooperation with GIZ will in the future organize such fairs of employment in other Municipalities each time contributing to the reduction of unemployment and the preparation of young people for the labor market.