Minister Reçica decides on increasing the support for the shelter of the children without care and with disabilities

Prishtina, on 30 May 2018
On June 1, International Children’s Day, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, has taken a decidion to increase the monthly payment of family shelter for children without care as well as for children with disabilities.
Taking into the concerns and demands of the sheltere families, the cost of spending on the care of these children’s categories has increased, while the current amounts of family support paid by the MLSW for this form of child protection is insufficient, Minister Reçica has decided to increase the payment of family housing, which will begin to be implemented from 1 June this year (2018).
The increase in the regular monthly allowance for family shelter for children without parental care sheltered within the biological family will be 100 euros, from 75 euro as it has been so far, where will benefit over 550 children.
Also, from 150 and 250 euros will be increased the regular monthly family allowance for children sheltered outside the biological family.
Increasing the monthly payment will also be for shelter of children with disabilities, sheltered outside the biological family. From 250 euros as it has been so far, this increase will be made at 350 euros.
However, the amount of initial childcare for children sheltered outside the biological family and family shelter for children with disabilities sheltered outside the biological family will continue to be paid in the amount of 75 euros, which is paid only once, on the occasion of housing a child in the family.
Support and care for children will be one of the priorities of MLSW and the Government of Republic of  Kosova, which is part of the Governmental Program and Sector Strategy of the MLSW.
MLSW will be committed to continue its engagements in advancing legislation on better child services through the Law on Child Protection and the establishment of sustainable mechanisms for financing social and family services at the local level.