Reçica continues important meetings in Washington

Washington, 15 June 2018
Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, in the framework of his stay in Washington, continued meetings at the Department of Labor, within the US Department of State. He met with the Director of the Office for Child Labor, Compulsory Labor and Trafficking in Human Beings, Marcia Eugenio, with whom she talked about the difficulties of the Ministry, especially with unemployment in the country, the creation of opportunities for seasonal employment in the US, and the elimination of heavy work at the children.
Minister Reçica informed Mrs. Eugenio regarding the implementation of the recommendations given by the Department of State on the elimination of heavy work at the children. He emphasized that the draft law on children’s rights has already been sent for approval to the Government, a Sector Strategy has been adopted, which foresees several activities related to the elimination of heavy work, such as raising the level of coordination between the central and local level and empowerment of mechanisms for eliminating serious labor, inclusion of minority children in schools, etc.
Mrs. Eugenio thanked Minister Reçica for the visit and stressed that the Department of Labor is interested in helping the Republic of Kosova in this regard.
Minister Reçica, today has held a meeting with the Director of the office of “UN Women” in Washington, Mrs. Elizabeth Cafferty with whom she discussed the victims of sexual violence in Kosova. Minister Reçica informed Mrs. Cafferty regarding the status process of victims of sexual violence and the actions undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Kosova regarding the recognition of the status of victims of sexual violence and the benefits that will be offered by the Government of the Republic of Kosova.
Minister Reçica requested from Ms. Cafferty helped to realize a project that would involve a number of women, in employment, or supported with small projects, such as family businesses, and so on.
Mrs. Cafferty assured Minister Reçica that she would raise this issue in New York and that it would be the voice of all the survivors of the sexual violence of the last war.
Minister Reçica also met with representatives of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank with whom he discussed the Ministry projects, pension reform, labor law reform, labor inspectorate and disability reform.