Reçica in Washington receives full USA support for the Republic of Kosova

Washington, 14 June 2018

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, in the framework of his stay in the United States of America, has continued his visit to Washington. On this occasion, Minister Reçica, accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosova in Washington, Mrs.Vlora Çitaku, was hosted in a meeting at the USA Department of State by Ms Susan K. Falatko, Director of the Office for the South and Middle European Affairs.
Minister Reçica expresed Mrs. Fatalko thanked for the help the USA has given to the Republic of Kosova in all phases of state-building. He reported on the socio-economic situation in Kosova, where he stressed that our country is facing some difficulties, especially with a high rate of unemployment, which is a challenge to be addressed as soon as possible.
”The Kosova Government is making the utmost effort to increase social welfare and increase employment through clear objectives and concrete steps,” emphasised Minister Reçica.
Minister Reçica informed Ms. Falkatko that he visited the state of Iowa from where she was informed that this country needs workforce and that it would be good to look at the possibilities of engaging Kosova citizens in seasonal work, or temporary employment. Mrs. Falkatko stressed that all possibilities will be looked into what can be done in this direction, where we expressed optimism that such a thing could be accomplished.
The topic of discussion between Minister Reçica and Ms. Falatko was the process of dialogue between the Republic of Kosova and Serbia as well as the formation of the Kosova Army.
“We are at the final stage of the dialogue and we are optimistic in reaching a national consensus with all political parties in the country, in order to have an acceptable solution,” said Reçica.
Meanwhile, regarding the formation of the army, the minister said that we believe that the Republic of Kosova will soon have its own army and at this point demanded the support of the USA.
Minister Reçica also spoke about the process of Kosova’s Euro-Atlantic integration and integration into important organizations, suggesting that the Republic of Kosova has no alternative but to integrate into the European family. Mrs. Fatalko offered the full support and willingness of the USA to help the Republic of Kosova especially in the socio-economic field, but also on all issues discussed at the meeting.