Employment opportunities for more than 400 jobseekers

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW) together with the German GIZ have launched the “Internship” scheme, which will be beneficial for over 400 registered jobseekers.
Eligible to apply on this scheme will be the registered jobseekers at the Municipal Employment Offices, young people aged 18-35, including persons with disabilities, repatriated persons and minorities of all ages.
The practice lasts 6 months and the fee is 150 euros per month.
This “Internship” scheme is open to employers / companies who need interns, have applied and are registered in vacancies at Employment Offices in their municipalities.
Applications are open from July 9 to August 17, 2018.
For more detailed information, please contact the Employment Offices in your Municipalities or visit the site, https://aprk.rks-gov.net