Press Released

Prishtina, on 19.11.2015


Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) through this notice informs all veterans of the KLA, who have applied for retirement under Law no. 04 / 1-261 for veterans of the KLA, which defines the rights and benefits for this category and members of their close family that veteran KLA fighter carries personal pension of the veteran KLA fighter under the defined  condition in this law.

Veteran KLA fighter can not be a beneficiary of any other pension schemes by the state-funded pension. If the veteran is a beneficiary of any pension scheme in the Republic of Kosova shall determine for which of the  pension they wants to take.


All those veterans who are employed in the public or private sector are not entitled for  the benefit of the pension of the KLA veteran.


In cases where the veteran applying for veteran’s personal pension, but is a beneficiary in any of the other pension schemes means that the veteran is defined by his personal willing and if it meets the criteria set forth by the above mentioned law and according to AI 01/2015, him or her will be stopped other pension and will only use personal pension of the KLA veteran.