Deputy / Minister of MLSW Mrs.Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj with experts of the professional matters is staying in Bursa in Turkey

Deputy Minister / Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare znj.Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj, is staying in Bursa in Turkey, where she visited the institutions for vocational training, in that case she received support that the vocational centers in Kosova will be supported with the new technology of the work and appropriate staff. So far in Bursa received training 80 young Kosovar but in the absence of conditions in Kosovo they remain unemployed. Based on the training of these young people. Deputy Minister / Minister Hajzeraj-Beqaj asked for help in terms of advanced machinery that these cadre to hire them in Kosova . Also, several organizations that are dealing with the handling of youth and various crafts they expressed the willingness to help young people in Kosovo for ensuring the workplace. Current treatments that are made in Bursa for the Kosovar youth training in various professional fields will be soon transferred to Kosova.

Vocational centers in the Republic of  Kosova  are ready to start work after will have support from the city of Bursa. Currently it will start with the training of young people for tailoring, beauty, textile and computer designs. Realization of these projects is expected to begin soon.