MLSW and LI with operational plan in construction, over 30 workshops are suspended

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW), through the Labor Inspectorate (LI), in line with the commitments and measures taken to increase the safety and health at work, has drafted an Operational Plan for setting up security measures at workplaces, with an emphasis on the construction sector.

During the two weeks, in the municipality of Prishtina, where the construction sector is more concentrated, during the inspection of about 160 sites, 14 fines were imposed (those subjects that did not enforce inspectors’ decisions from previous inspections), and the works were interrupted with the measure of temporary suspension in 11 subjects.

After the visits and analysis of the operational plan developed over the past two weeks, MLSW and LI have found that these measures have not resulted sufficient in raising security measures, always in the function of enforcing the legislation in force.

Taking into account the cases of accidents, injuries and those with fatality, at the request of the Minister of MLSW, Mr. Skender Reçica for uncompromising implementation of the legislation in force, the Labor Inspectorate from yesterday has continued the re-inspections in this sector, asking the subjects full implementation of security measures (skeleton) and personal protective equipment, as temporary work has been suspended in over 30 construction sites or workshops.

The only purpose of concentrated activity in the construction sector is to increase security measures in order to protect the health and lives of workers.

To inform the citizens and entities that the construction sector has activities, we would like to inform you that temporary suspension of work at the site was not accompanied by fines. The subjects have been given the decision to suspend the work until the completion of the security measures, the fine follows when the decision is violated by the subjects.

MLSW and LI call on all employers to respect the measures provided by legislation on the safety and health of workers at the workplace and once all workers to report cases when their rights are not respected and violated by employers. MLSW will be uncompromising in the implementation of the legislation in force.