Mr. Reçica is at the Regional Conference of Ministers of the Western Balkans in Belgrade

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica is participating in the regional conference of Western Balkan Ministers that is being held in Belgrade, which marks an initiative aimed at improving social policy in the Western Balkan countries.

During his speech to EU Ministers and Senior Representatives, Mr. Reçica said that the prospect for EU membership is an important reference point in our country’s socio-economic policy. He stressed that few countries in the region and beyond could have experienced greater changes in terms of social welfare policies and systems than Kosovo over the last three decades.

“However, today we can talk about a relatively well-consolidated and fulfilled system, because Kosovo has consistently received support from the EU through ongoing partnership,” the minister said.

He stressed that Kosovo faces low employment rates, however, has made evident progress in efforts to increase employment and labor market consolidation and these efforts will continue even further, in order to discourage especially young people to emigrate in other countries.

“MLSW has drafted a Sector Strategy that foresees the creation of better policies in the social, family and employment fields and based on it, we have started a general reform not only in these areas but also in the social dialogue, field pensions and disability, through the necessary legal changes. All this in order to transform the social welfare system into Kosovo in a genuine and sustainable system, where its citizens receive benefits and services deserved by the state, “said Minister.

Reçica stressed that only with strong commitment, but also with the help of partners such as the EU can achieve improvement of the social welfare of citizens and to pursue the only way, the country’s full membership in the EU. For these social policies, he said that Kosovo is guided by the principles of EU values ​​and the rights and principles of social justice for all citizens indiscriminately.