Minister Reçica at the opening of the Labour Fair in Prizren

Prizren, 31 October 2018

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica was today at the opening of the Labour Fair in Prizren, a joint event of MLSW with the Municipality of Prizren and GIZ. Minister Reçica during his speech said that this fair aims to create and provide new jobs and bring closer to employers and employees to enable mutual contacts.
MLSW has the mission to support the creation of new jobs, reduce unemployment, vocational training and career orientation of young people, guarantee the rights and obligations of employers and employees, for which we have already undertaken some actions, especially through reforms for improvement and advancement of legal infrastructure, “emphasized Minister Reçica.
Further, Minister Reçica said that with the necessary legal changes, we are aiming not only to increase employment, but above all, to guarantee workers’ rights.
“At this point, I and the department I lead will be the guardian of the protection and advancement of workers’ rights and urge all employers and businesses to respect the rights of workers guaranteed by the legislation in force,” emphasized Minister Reçica.