Minister Abrashi supports Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities

In a continuous support to communities and in a collaboration with deputies, representatives of Roma ,Ashkali and Egyptian communities, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare ,Mr.Arban Abrashi, launched the Project in work training schemes.

In preparation for this Project, Minister Abrashi, accompanied by Deputy Minister Qazim Rrahmanim had a couple of meetings with the deputies from the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo from these communities, Mr.Danush Ademi, Mr.Kujtim Paçaku and Mr.Etem Arifi. In these meetings, the deputies thanked the Minister for this initiative and offered their unlimited support for this Project and also their involvement in similar projects for community members.

The Project in question will include 90 job-seekers , members of the above-mentioned communities, with duration of 3 months where the amount of compensation for work practice is 150 euro.This amount is expected to cover traveling and food expenses, while the beneficiary candidates ,members of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, have to be job-seekers registered in Employment Offices.

In this occassion, Minister Abrashi thanked the deputies,members of the communities, for their contribute and collaboration on supporting his and executive’s work, whereas he invited representatives of communities to contribute on the development that encourages a greater participation of the citizens, members of communities, in the labour market.

The application for this scheme will be opened from the 16th Septembered until the 23rd of September,2016.