Labour Inspectorate of Kosovo and Albania signed a cooperation agreement

At the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Nenad Rasic Minister of this ministry, received the Chief Inspector of Mr. Dritan Ylli, who welcomed Kosovo to symbolically sign the agreement of cooperation between the Executive Body of the Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Kosovo and the State Inspectorate of Labour and Social Services of the Republic of Albania.

Mr. Basri Ibrahim – Chief of LIEB along with Mr. Dritan Ylli, Chief Inspector of SILSS by signing the agreement agreed to develop a continuous and systematic bilateral in order to improve their institutional capacity, increase the affectivity of performance of management and labor inspection and the challenges joint.

The two Chief Inspectors finally said that this cooperation will contribute to improving safety and health at work, reduction of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and reducing undeclared work in the two countries.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ylli and Mr. Ibrahimi vowed to continue to cooperate with a professional commitment so that performance is as high, to be closer to the common goals of both countries.