Deputy Minister of MLSW, Mr. Fatmir Shurdhaj honored with gratitude from Radio Kosova e Lire

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Fatmir Shurdhaj received today in his cabinet representatives from Radio Free Kosovo headed by Editor, Ms. Arbana Ceric.

On behalf of Radio Kosova e Lire Ms. Ceric vice gratefully honor the Deputy Minister Mr. Shurdhaj emphasizing his contribution to the categories of war and the cooperation with this institution since its establishment, especially after his appointment to the post of
Deputy Minister in MLSW who has never lacked.

Ms. Ceric said : ” As you know our radio often had difficulty as any other medium so whenever we have sought support from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Mr. Shurdhaj been provided and in gratitude for the contribution and support of information we share this recognition ”

Deputy Minister Mr. Shurdhaj said that he feels honored with recognition from Radio Kosova e Lire that same time was the voice of the Liberation War and that his commitment will be steadily for all categories of citizens in need of the particular categories derived from