Constructive discussion at the meeting of the Economic and Social Council

With the participation of social partners, today held a regular meeting of the Economic and Social Council. The meeting was opened by Minister Mr. Abrashi, who presented on vital issues of socio-economic policy in the country, as well as social and development policies being undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, namely the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

During the meeting, representatives of the social partners in particular have questioned about developments and trends in labor relations in public enterprises, social welfare, laws that comes from the Assembly of Kosovo and fair and efficient enforcement of them.Representatives of the social partners discussed issues related to the collective agreement, with emphasis on the process of setting minimum wages and issues related to the need to fight against informality in the labor market. In this context, Minister Mr. Abrashi stressed that apart from the opening of new places of work, priority is his opposition to legal violations by the operators in the labor market, that labor market dominated by regulated relations and formal between employees and employers. In this context, the speakers raised the need that the next meeting of SEC, invited the Labour Inspectorate, to present and discuss the work, achievements and challenges, as well as receive recommendations that will lead to greater focus against and other concessions informality in the labor market.

During the meeting they also discussed the process of fulfillment topics of labor law change, SEC, law, and the need for setting the minimum wage. During his speech, Minister Mr. Abrashi re-emphasized that as a matter of particular importance is the setting of the minimum wage, where requested by the social partners, that compliance with the laws, the next meeting to bring proposals and the reasons for concrete, setting the minimum wage Republic of Kosovo. Mr. Abrashi assured the representatives of SEC, once the supreme body of the advisory representation of organizations of employers and workers, that his commitment will not stop discussed the interest topics that affect the employees and employers, and thanked the social partners for their contribution to social and developmental issues.