Minister Abrashi distributed 50 certificates of qualification for electro-welders

Prishtina, 8 July, 2016


Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi, today awarded certificates to the international license for 52 electro welders, whose work serves strengthening of metal processing sector in Kosovo.

Mr. Abrashi said he felt very happy to support this project, as direct beneficiaries are the workers, as well as companies that hire these professionals. “The training and certification of professionals in this field shows that we have an advanced approach to the labor market, and this has to do with the fact that we are building training capacities and training, which will serve not only the local market work, but also the abroad. This certification proves that our companies will be more competitive, which means that our companies will be kept at the same level with similar companies in EU countries, and therefore will be easier to access EU projects and other labor markets or business, “said Mr. Abrashi.

Minister Abrashi stressed that the Ministry of Labour will continue to support such projects in the future. Training employees is done with the cooperation of the Association of Exporters of Kosovo and Kosovo Foundation Luxembourg, while certification is performed by well-known German company “TUV NORD” (Bulgaria).