Deputy Minister Makolli participated in the proceedings of the Conference ‘Equality in Parental Leave’

Prishtina, 19th of December
Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Vesel Makolli, attended the conference organized by the Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) with the theme “Change of paradigm, equality in parental leave”. As topics of discussion in this conference were the current local policies on parental care for the child and the coordination of professional and private life for a qualitative psychosocial development of children.
Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Vesel Makolli, took the opportunity to say that in today’s life, huge changes have been made by advancing the quality of  living. However,  the social paradigm should immediately be changed too, in terms of the division of equal roles to the formation and education of younger generations. Makolli also added that “parental leave” as a concept is also included in the current Labor Law, but its application is not yet satisfactory.
 “The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, in cooperation with other relevant factors, is preparing a new Labor Law  in accordance with EU legislation, paying a particular attention to the ‘parental leave’ section, which will include the concept of parental leave, analogous to EU legal norms. According to the plans and dynamics of the work of the Government, this law will be approved at the end of June, 2018 ” said Deputy Minister Makolli.
He added that the normative part of writing  is not sufficient, but for the development of child personality, in parallel with health services and education, a good atmosphere, understanding and happiness  by parents it is more than necessary.
Findings presented by the D4D Institute indicate that in Kosovo, apart from disproportionate employment among women and men, the division of parental obligations is still largely influenced by the social paradigm.