Deputy Minister Makolli attended the conference “Intellectual Disability in Kosovo”

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Vesel Makolli, participated in the proceedings of the “Intellectual Disability Abroad in Kosovo” conference, which was organized by the Down Syndrome Kosova Association within the International Day of Persons with Down Syndrome.

On behalf of MLSW Minister Skender Reçica, Mr. Makolli said that our state is advancing welfare policies for all its citizens, especially for persons with disabilities. “Part of this government work has been the legal legal arrangement of the welfare issue of that part of the citizens who have difficulties in employment. With the approved laws, the employment quota of persons with disabilities is determined for each employer. Also punitive legal measures are foreseen if employers do not respect the employment quota of people with disabilities, “he said.

Deputy Minister Makolli added that MLSW in cooperation with interest groups is working with other secondary legal acts that will fully complete the legal framework that will address these categories of our society in a more dignified manner.

Makolli underlined that, in addition to regulating the legal framework, MLSW in cooperation with the Employment Agency will assist the employment of this community and will determine the actors who will take responsibility for providing the necessary services to all communities, especially for the community with ‘Down’ syndrome.


“The role of the state for people with special needs is to enable them to provide education and other forms of vocational training, work equipment with necessary tools, use of assistive services when necessary and materially stimulate employment to an acceptable measure and to oblige the employer to employ them, “said Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Vesel Makolli at the end of his speech.

The conference was also attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, who welcomed the participants in a word of the case. Prime Minister Haradinaj stressed that the Government of Kosovo, with the advancement of the legal framework for the support of persons with Down Syndrome, for this year has adopted the concept paper for drafting the draft law on inclusion.

“With this bill will ensure that all people with Down’s syndrome have the benefits, place and deserved status,” said Prime Minister Haradinaj, pointing out that the Government of Kosovo in 2018 has approved the Regulation on customs and tax relief for employers employing people with disabilities and people with disabilities who exercise independent activity.