Reçica meets representatives of the Finland State. They talk about cooperation in the field of disability

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, hosted a meeting of representatives of the Finland Government as well as representatives of sister organizations for persons with disabilities operating in Finland.

Minister Mr. Reçica informed about the concrete obligations and commitments of MLSW regarding the treatment of persons with disabilities.

“MLSW Last year has launched a series of reforms in the field of pensions, including social inclusion including disability and we are currently in the process of drafting the Comprehensive Draft Law on People with Disabilities aiming for categorization and equal treatment for all categories” , the minister said.

The Minister stressed that besides the support that the MLSW provides these categories, it is trying to create facilities for them, especially in the field of employment, where concrete steps have already been taken.

The meeting discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries, as far as people with disabilities are concerned. Minister Mr. Reçica thanked representatives of the Finland government and organizations that are giving support to organizations in Kosovo dealing with people with disabilities.