UNDP published the Human Development Report in Kosovo 2016 “The labor market in function of women and young people”

Speech of Deputy Minister of MLSW, Mrs. Rita Hajzeraj – Beqaj

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Rita Hajzeraj – Beqaj, in her speech said that this year the UNDP has handled a very current topic and who needs broad public discussion.

It reaffirmed that the main objective of the government and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is to establish employment policies, which are based on analysis of the labor market and developed in close cooperation with the government, experts and civil society, as well as offer solutions of concrete recommendations, as in political terms, but also in technical terms.


“For this, we are pleased that this year the report ‘Human Development UNDP”, is focused precisely on this topic. The labor market is dynamic and must constantly be analyzed, and policies are built in a way that addresses the needs, on the one hand and employers on the other hand the jobseekers “.

She added that the Kosovo issue report on the background of global human development reports and also allows us to compare with countries in the region or even with countries which are pursuing a path of economic development similar to Kosovo. “Also, we are pleased to have an estimate of the human development index and hope that this index will be published in the global reports,” said Deputy Minister MRs. Hajzeraj – Beqaj.

And for that, MLSW during the past two years has managed to create packages of active employment programs, ensuring that women and young people to be the focus, and have equal access to jobs which opened in Kosovo.


On this occasion, she informed the participants about the measures and programs undertaken by MLSW, especially in creating opportunities for active participation in job training programs, wage subsidies, self-employment programs, and others. “These programs have shown very high results, and therefore we are dedicated to this policy and continue to strongly support those young men and women every year have the opportunity to contribute to increasing the productivity of this country,”  she said in her remarks the Deputy Minister Mrs. Hajzeraj – Beqaj.