It’s published the EU Project “ The support of EU for MLSW in strengthening the implementation mechanism for decentralization of social services

Today, it is summarized and published the 30-month report on the results of the EU Project “ The support of EU for MLSW in strengthening the implementation mechanisms  for decentralization of social services”, a project which is supported by EU, managed by European Union Office in Kosovo, whose implementation is done by the consortium from the Center for Child and Family Care. During the conference which was held today, whose opening was done by Minister of MLSW , Mr.Arban Abrashi, who except thanking the key persons of EU for their continuous support , also said that by implementing this important Project,there are set the basis of standards and the capacity building in strengthening social and family services.Abrashi during his speech has also mentioned that he will continue working on building the financial infrastructure which, according to him, is one of the challenges that will be addressed  next year since this remains an urgent need in order to ensure sustainable levels of funding for social services. He said: “We are expecting a grant of 2 milion euro in the next year from European Union and we strongly believe that with this funding we will have a higher development regarding social services.


Whereas, the team leader of EU Project Mr.James O’Brien , during the publishing of these results said that the institutional capacity of MLSW is improved with the development of a new data base of social services .There are also drafted seven types of minimum quality standards for social services, there are held comprehensive training programs on management level,mentioning here approximately 120 social planners who have participated in these programs, including here directors and managers from central government and from all municipalities.

As a recommndation at the end of the meeting, except the need for financing as an urgency, it is also said that social work centers must have the adequate number of the social workers, therefore there should be an emergency increase of human resources and gradually a qualified personnel should be required for social work.