Held a meeting in roundtable “Put in letter “with business of Serbian community in Municipality of Gracanica

During this meeting in round table entitled “Put in letter ” was discussed and negotiated contracts, written and understood that explain, define and regulate transactions. In addition was given enough time to explain the options available for alternative dispute resolution – mediation and arbitration, and developments in the enforcement of judgments procedures.

On this occasion, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Nenad Rasic said: “This is just the first step for businesses that have taken, and that this project in the future will be much more dynamic. Should develop as many small businesses and a table as it seeks update information for businesses in order to avoid the most common problems easily in practice contracts. ”

In this table was present and the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo, her Excellency Mrs. Tracey Ann Jacobson, who stated that ” Today’s meeting marks the 15th anniversary of USAID but also marks a beginning of another: the start of the very close cooperation of all of us towards achieving common goals: opportunities and greater prosperity for all “.

The rule of law is important for growth: without law enforcement, is difficult business addresses. “But the real engine of growth is always the private sector – especially small and medium enterprises. The Future of economy of Kosovo is here around this table “- said David Greer Director of USAID program execution and commercial legislation.

The USAID program execution and commercial legislation is holding a series of workshops and roundtables with businesses to improve skills in business transactions, as part of a public education and information intensive businesses, in order to bring businesses to come with international practice.