Recica in Tirana: The region to work harder for the integration of the minority of community

Tirana, on 27 October, 2020

Today, Minister Mr. Reçica participated in the Ministerial Meeting of the Western Balkan Countries, for the integration of Roma community in society, within the Berlin process, which this time is being organized by the Government of the Republic of Albania, with the support of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) .

This ministerial meeting was a good opportunity to highlight the commitment and dedication of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo in order to implement the Declaration of the Western Balkans Partners for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians communities in the societies of our countries.

Mr. Reçica informed the participants of this ministerial meeting about the concrete steps taken by the Government of Kosovo in implementation of the Declaration of the Western Balkans Partners for Roma Community Integration, namely the establishment of the Technical Group for Protection from Discrimination against Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities, which is also responsible for implementing the responsibilities arising from the Western Balkans Partnership Declaration on Roma Communitiy Integration, in the framework of the European Union enlargement process.

“We as a society are responsible for including communities in the system of vocational education and training, in order to then have access to the labor market,” said Minister Mr. Reçica and continued that in terms of integration into employment, it is already evident that Kosovo is facing high unemployment. “This situation has been further complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare also with its programs of Active Labor Market Measures, which has already started, this year, will be proportionally involved all communities and that in their municipalities: in vocational education, public work, work practice, etc. “On this occasion, I call on members of the Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian communities to register at employment offices, in order to use public employment services, in which case they will benefit from the active labor market measures offered by we “, said Minister Mr. Reçica.

He also stressed that during 2019 and 2020 the Government of Kosovo has supported the Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian Communities in the construction of houses, where about 170 houses are under construction and such projects will continue in the future, in order to every citizen to have shelter over his head.

In order to increase the welfare of citizens, the Government of Kosovo has approved the Concept Document for Social Assistance, as the only social protection program in the country and in this case will benefit the Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian Community, because it offers them more social protection and does not allow discrimination on the basis of benefit criteria.

At the end of his speech Mr. Recica said that it is a necessity of the time to have a great commitment as a region, in order to do the best for the integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians Communities in the societies of the Western Balkans.