Reaction of MLSW

On 28/03/2015, in news coverage at 19:00, on KTV, in front of family presented Kimete Lutolli case, from the village Letanci, of the municipality of Podujeva, which her daughter Liridona, somewhat long ago gone to Syria, while the family itself was living in difficult conditions socio-economic. The reporter of this report, but even the head of family, Kimetja, among others, have asserted that “the family is removed from the Social Assistance Scheme”. In order to correct and fair information to the public, the Department of Social and Family Policy namely the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, in collaboration with the Center for Social Work in Podujeva has concluded that:

Family of Kimete Lutollit, from Letanci, municipality of Podujeva, with personal number 1004243117 is a regular user and for many years she uses a social assistance. But this also mention that this family last two months of 2014 (November-December) received from 110 €, while in January and February 2015 received from 120 per month a social assistance.

We require from KTV and other electronic media and that similar cases, not be published without being checked by the responsible institutions, in this case by the Center for Social Work and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, because only thus will be the right to contribute a information to the public.