Employment and Vocational Training, from cooperation of MLSW-DRC

Within the project “Support of communities of Rom, Ashkali and Egyptians in Mitrovica”, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi together with the representative of the Danish Refugee Council Ms. Kristen D. Stec, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of vocational training.

This Memorandum signed for a period 3 years represents close collaboration of MLSW with DRC, in terms of integration of RAE community and through training in certain areas enables the creation of a sustainable welfare for the community, which is a priority for the MLSW.

Through this Memorandum of DRC takes commitment to providing basic courses for the community in the “Roma Mahalla” in Mitrovica, and after this course more advanced areas such as carpentry, welding, cooking, business administration, construction, IT, and tailoring be followed in Vocational Training Center in Mitrovica.

Also Minister Mr. Abrashi and Mrs. Stec agreed to start implementation of the next project to, which is building the Social Enterprise Plastic Recycling, a project which will employ a significant number of job seekers.