Explanatory Opinion

Regarding with the writing of daily News paper “Koha Ditore”, dated 14.02.2017, titled on the cover: “The Government is holding a hostage the Strasbourg Decision for Pensions”.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare carefully monitors the media coverage of its activities by the print and electronic media, and in this regard has handled carefully and article of daily news paper “Koha Ditore” with the title “The Government is holding a hostage the Decision of the Strasbourg for Pensions “.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare estimates the items that are based on the standards of journalism and professional, but in the case of this article MLSW finds that they are not fulfilled in full, especially for the fact that the article is a source, in other words the subject treated the top end supported the allegations of Mr. Shaban Kelmendi, who is called as advisers to the Independent Union of Pensioners and Invalids of Kosovo.
Being an original article and without relying on credible and professional resources for the general public and especially for pensioners, appreciate such a publication of pensioners directly undermines the realization of their rights. As a result, not to deal with biased coverage by the media space, not to correct such flaws of basic journalistic the instiution see the way to inform the public and the pensioners as follows:
MLSW informs the public and retirees that upon receipt of a request from the Federation of Independent Trade Union of Pensioners and Invalids of Kosovo, the same request is treated with the representatives of the federation concerned and the Agency for Protection of Personal Data.

It turns out that the lists should keep MLSW, as an institution with the mandate and legal responsibility for managing and administering the database for pensions. Specifically, due to the sensitivity of the data, these lists can not be shared with third parties, especially not shared with parties which do not have the capacity (as humanities or physical) for custody and treatment of tens of thousands of files.
So far, MLSW has not received any decision by any international court or by the Strasbourg Court. However, this does not exclude the possibility that this court to handle individual cases of citizens of the Republic of Kosovo against Serbia. If the request of Mr. Kelmendi will be constructive and to protect the interests of pensioners, then confirm that each party will be able to organize and picking up his data for each retiree, always by legal means and with the consent of each pensioner, what MLSW has been and remains committed to cooperate with each party.

However, this can hardly be done by those who represent the agenda and interests of narrow agendas, sometimes individually. Regardless, MLSW takes this opinion clarifying that invite and encourage all pensioners who are interested to take, or possess the information about their contributions to pension, for any period, including the time before 1999, to appear in MLSW, where they will receive the services they require. Until then, MLSW rejects any attempt to whomever, which decides on interest first of pensioners, or that serves the narrow interests of individuals who abuse the name and mandate of subjects that they invoked.

On this topic as well as other topics, MLSW remains open to all media and other parties, especially in cases where they do not treat right and sources multilateral and credible, and also invites are these research activities, audit reports , the mandate of the organizations called to protect the categories which covers the institution. MLSW, expressed readiness to cooperate with the media and appreciates the information fair and free of citizens is legal and moral obligation of each of us.