The Deputy Minister Kamberi participated in the completition of the project ” The Development of Innovation and entrepreneurship” in Istog

Istog, 15th of February, 2017

Today, The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Safet Kamberi, participated in the successful completition of  the Project “ The development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the border region Kosovo- Montenegro”. The Project is co-financed by EU with the aim of financing the projects with the best ideas, which create opportunities for the self-employment of the youth in the region of Dukagjin.

Except the support that this project has for the ideas of youth for entrepreneurship,   The Deputy Minister Kamberi said that this project has also another dimension, the interstate cooperation between the Republic of Kosova and Montenegro. He added: “ The project has finished its successful path, where within a year there are organized many trainings with the aim of preparing the  youth that deal with information technology and entrepreneurship.”
He also added that this project has stimulated the youth that participated in this program to develop their  business ideas for self-employment, especially in the tourism sector. “ Considering the potential for tourism in Istog and the region of Dukagjin, I am convinced that this youth will easily be integrated in the labour market” –the Deputy Minister  Kamberi added.

Thanks to the representative of EU for cooperation, he said that MLSW together with EU and other partners will identify new projects and opportunities regarding the employment and vocational trainings for the youth.

This relevant initiative was also supported by the Deputy chief of the Department of Cooperation in the EU Office in Kosovo, Libor Chlad. He said that our aim is to stimulate the youth  for self-initiation and entrepreneurship, so that they can be self-employed and open themselves an alternative to the labour market.  Chlad said that projects like this will be financed even in the future, and not only in the region of Dukagjin but other regions as well.