Announcement of the Minister of MFPT, Hekuran Murati, regarding yesterday’s Government Decision on basic pension supplements and social assistance

The Minister of Finance and Transfers, Hekuran Murati, has clarified yesterday’s decision taken at the Government meeting on the allowances allocated for pension and social schemes.

Through an announcement, Minister Murati said that from the package of 20 million euros approved by the Government, most of it, 8.5 million euros have been allocated to support pension schemes receiving less than 100 euros, as well as families in social assistance.

Meanwhile, regarding the supplements for basic pensions, Murati said that the previous government during the campaign, had decided to allocate 30 euros for only three months (January, February and March), and after March onwards, the supplements were foreseen. to be interrupted altogether.

“With the new package, we have added 8.5 million euros, where the previous government had budgeted 0 (zero) additional euros. So, for the months of April onwards, there were no planned additions. All those pensioners would receive without yesterday’s decision of the Government, would be the amount of 75 or 90 euros, as planned in the 2021 budget, approved by the Assembly. The Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers has foreseen that for the categories of pension schemes that receive less than 100 euros, and here there are categories with 75 euros and 90 euros, to apply an additional, so that the total amount of the pension with the entire supplement to be 100 euros “, he explained.

The Minister of MFPT, Hekuran Murati, added that these additions will continue throughout the year, as well as support for social assistance beneficiaries.