Pristina, September 25th, 2017
After reaching a triple agreement between  MLSW, Bank for Business and  Post of Kosovo for the distribution of social assistance payments, all beneficiaries of the social assistance are informed that under this cooperation agreement, the distribution of payments for this scheme will be made at the counters of Post of Kosova, starting from 01.10.2017, for the beneficiaries from: Prishtina, Artana (Novo Brdo), Fushe Kosova, Podujevo, South  Mitrovica, Skenderaj, Vushtrri, Peja, Istog, Klina, Deçani, Junik, Gjakova, Rahovec, Prizren, Mamusha, Theranda, Suhareka, Sharri (Dragash), Malisheva, Ferizaj, Kaçanik, Lipjan, Shtime, Gjilan, Dardana (Kamenice), Ranillug, Partesh, Viti and Klokot.

Whereas, through NLB (Bank of Ljubljana), social assistance will be distributed to these municipalities: Katriot (Obiliq), Graçanica, Elez Han, Shterpce, North Mitrovica, Zvecan, Leposavic and Zubin Potok.

From now on, the distribution of the social assistance starts on the 1st day of the following month and ends on the 20th of the same month.

The beneficiaries of this scheme are also informed that, in order to withdraw the social assistance from the counters of Post of Kosova and NLB, they should have only the valid identity card of the Republic of Kosovo, while the person authorized  for the withdrawal of social assistance, in addition to the identity card, should have the consent of the Department of Social and Family Policy / MLSW, as well as the authorization by the CSW.