Started the project for the construction of houses for 273 families for the non-majority community in Lipjan starts

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Skender Reçica and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova Fatmir Limaj participated in laying the foundation stone for building houses for 273 families of the non-majority community in Lipjan, based on a project implemented by MLSW.

“Starting a new era is beginning today for these families who need our help most, the security of their family and above all, to have a roof over their heads.
Such a project not only ensures and improves the lives of our citizens but builds pillars of trust for a good and sustainable future of the Republic of Kosovo, “emphasized Minister Reçica.
He added that they remain committed to all communities in the Republic of Kosova to enjoy every right that guarantees constitutions and laws in Republic of Kosova, to engage in better education, to have better health services and above all to have young people to have jobs stable.
Deputy Prime Minister Limaj congratulated the benefiting families by evaluating this project as very important for the citizens.
“I am honored that today is starting a project that will benefit 273 families. This is a proof that the state of the Republic of Kosova is standing close to every citizen”, emphasized Deputy Prime Minister Limaj.
Projects like this in Lipjan will also start implementing in other municipalities of the Republic of Kosova.