Signed a memorandum of understanding between the MLSW and the municipality of Lypljan

In the wake of the signing of agreements with the municipalities of Kosovo, which is doing the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW), for the transfer of powers residential service institutional from MLSW to municipalities, today the Minister of the Ministry, Mr. Arban Abrashi has signed an agreement of this kind with the Mayor of Lipljan, Mr. Imri Ahmeti.

Under the agreement, the municipality is responsible for providing residential services institutional, under the supervision of MLSW and MLSW is responsible for drafting legal infrastructure governing the admission of new cases in the state of social need in home-based community in the municipality of Lipljan. MLSW also will obliged, to develop policies and prepare strategic plans for improvement of these services.

Minister Mr. Abrashi said on this occasion that MLSW is fulfilling its obligations owed to the provisions in force and to the agreement of MLSW with the Ministry of Local Government (MLG) 2006.