MLSW continues with distribution of the packages with clothing also in Gjakova

Gjakovë,  17 January 2017


Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, in cooperation with the Kosova Humanitarian Charity Association “Mother Teresa”, also today continued the action today to distribute packages of clothes for families on social assistance.

So far benefited over 1,300 families in several municipalities, and this action will continue in the following days.

According to the criteria set by the Department of Family and Social Policies, the beneficiaries of this assistance are families in the category: single parents, families in extreme poverty, families with many members and families of RAE communities. And the selection of families is made from the Centre for Social Work in municipalities.

The recipients of these benefits are satisfied with allowances allocated, which are modest, will alleviate the needs of these families in poor social conditions.

Officials of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, stated that the distribution of packages will continue and from this action will benefit all those families with poor social conditions in the most extreme municipalities of the Republic of Kosova.