Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare signed an agreement of understanding with the Municipality of Ferizaj

Deputy Minister / of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj, was standing today in municipality of Ferizaj, where together with the Mayor, Mr. Muharrem Svarqa has signed agreements of understanding for homes of the disabled community. The aim of this Agreement of Understanding is the fulfillment of the overall objective of devolution institutional residential services for persons with mental disability-delay in mental development.


This goal will be met by MLSW, the transfer of competence for institutional residential services for the Municipality of Ferizaj that demonstrate the competence required to fulfill the responsibilities required in accordance with legislation in force and the agreement.

Also Deputy / Minister of MLSW Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj and Mayor of Ferizaj Mr. Muharrem Svarqa pledged to further will continue their cooperation to dedicate much more attention to persons with special need.