Minister Mr. Reçica met with representatives of the organization for people with handicapped and disabilities

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, met today with the head of the organization for disabled and handicapped persons, Mr. Agim Vatovci and the representative of the organization, Mr. Afrim Gollopeni, from whom he was briefed about the work that this organization conducts towards persons with disabilities.

The organization in question has over 500 members of different ethnicities.
Mr. Agim Vatovci thanked the Minister of MLSW for the reception and support. He showed that in Kosovo there are altogether 18,000 764 people with disabilities who are divided into eight categories.

Mr. Vatovci announced that the organization over the past ten years has managed to employ 40 handicapped persons, across institutions and enterprises.

On the other hand, Minister Mr. Reçica expressed his full readiness to help the organization within the competences of the MLSW and expressed the readiness to cooperate in order to improve the situation regarding persons with disabilities.
He also congratulated Mr. Vatovci for his work in the organization and in general in his engagement to ensure the proper treatment of this category.