Minister Reçica: Safety and Health at Work are the base of social welfare

It is held the conference on “Sustainability and Implementation of Harmonized Legislation for Safety and Health at Work”, a project funded by the European Union, implemented by Archidata, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Minister of MLSW, Skender Reçica, was also part of this conference, who took the opportunity to thank the European Union Office for its continuous support, saying that safety and health at work are the base of the social welfare for employees and their families. He added that this is strengthened even more by the legislative support, by getting the best practices, namely Harmonization of Kosovo’s Legislation with EU’s Legislation.
Minister has also emphasized that MLSW has realized the significance of the Harmonization of Legislation, therefore it has collaborated closely with the European Commission, which has enabled us to have a harmonized legislation.

As he talked about the project on sustainability and the implementation of harmonized legislation in the field of working conditions, Minister Reçica added that efforts should be made to promote the sustainability of project achievements and that we should commit ourselves to a proper implementation of new harmonized legislation with legislation of the EU.
The Minister stressed the vision of MLSW for building a society where social protection and inclusion for citizens is ensured for a life of economic and social dignity, including suitable work conditions and equal opportunities for employment.

He also spoke about the frequent cases of incidents in the workplace in Kosovo and stressed the importance of implementing regulations that are part of sub-legal acts , both by employers and employees.

Whereas the representative of the EU Office in Kosovo, Libor Chlad, thanked Minister Reçica for the correct engagement and cooperation. He added that the project aims to contribute in bringing good practices from the EU, in order to improve working conditions in Kosovo, by also stressing that safety and health at work are criteria that need to be improved by improving safety standards and fully implementing the legislation in force.